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Need a Kentucky Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Kentucky Traffic Attorney Aaron Murphy on Traffic Ticket Law:

Don’t leave your traffic ticket up to chance! Kentucky has 120 counties, and each of them handles traffic tickets and speeding violations a little differently. Your Kentucky Speeding Ticket & Traffic Attorney will handle a ticket in any county in Kentucky. Other traffic related offenses such as No Insurance or DUI are also handled differently in each county in Kentucky. Kentucky Traffic attorney Aaron MurphyRead more about what to expect from your Kentucky Traffic Attorney here


Speed Related Point Violations

A Kentucky Speeding Ticket may add points against your Kentucky license. Any speeding ticket written with the notation >26 miles per hour subjects you to a possible revocation charge and usually is accompanied by another charge for reckless driving. The Kentucky Points system is set up on a 12 points over two years rubric. Other moving violations such as running a stop sign or disregarding a traffic signal can take points off of your license. Usually it is possible to work out a solution that does not assess points against your license. Some Kentucky counties are more strict on speeding and traffic tickets though, so it is important to have someone going to court for or with you who knows Kentucky traffic violations.

DUI/DWI Traffic Attorney

Alcohol related offenses can have serious consequences. Subsequent offenses carry stiffer penalties and fines. Only one county in Kentucky even has a program for diversion for DUI. A typical Kentucky traffic attorney will not try a case or contest the facts of a DUI stop. We do. Every element of a DUI charge should be examined. Simply taking the deal that is offered is not always the best option.

KRS 189A.100 provides that you do not have to submit to any field sobriety tests or field alcohol testing. You can only be penalized for refusing to take a breath or blood sample at the police station or the hospital. Indeed refusing a blood sample will subject you to a license revocation hearing. However, your attorney can request a revocation hearing to challenge the revocation of your license. If you or someone you love has been charged with DUI or any other Alcohol related offense in Kentucky, call traffic attorney Aaron Murphy today! See our DUI Information


Bench Warrants and Old Tickets

Many times a court date for a Kentucky Traffic Ticket is missed and a bench warrant is issued. Sometimes you may not even realize this has happened. In more minor cases the court will only issue a DOT (Department of Transportation) hold on your license which will eventually suspend your license. The next time you are pulled over you will be cited for driving on a suspended license, without even knowing it. When you discover that you have fallen into this situation, call for help. Most of the time we can set things right without even having you go to court. We do everything possible to make the process easy on our clients.

Many of our clients call in a panic after having received a bench warrant or finding out that their license has been suspended. Traffic violations can have a snowball effect if they are not taken care of. We have worked with many out of state clients who’s licenses have been suspended in their home state because of Kentucky Traffic Tickets. If you find yourself in the position of having old traffic violations or speeding tickets, do not hesitate, do not panic, we can help!

Out of State Drivers

If you have received a ticket while traveling through Kentucky, you’ll want to consult a traffic attorney. We get many calls from out of state drivers who have received some sort of traffic violation while driving through Kentucky. There are many areas, especially on Interstate 65; Interstate 71; and Interstate 64 going through Louisville where changes in speed limit are confusing and the police often set speed traps for unwary drivers. Many times out of state drivers are caught unawares. Speeding tickets in Kentucky can affect your license in your home state if not handled correctly. Kentucky is part of reciprocal agreements with the other states in which they share information about traffic offenses. Different states deal with the points system differently, but if a traffic ticket is unresolved in Kentucky, your home state will suspend your license. We have worked out suspended license issues for out of state licenses, some from violations were nearly twenty (20) years old. There is no traffic ticket violation or speeding ticket we will not handle, however, the sooner these matters are taken care of the less hassle it will be in the future.

I need a Traffic Attorney – What Next?

We make it easy!Usually all that is required is a call. If you have a more serious charge such as DUI or driving without insurance, you may have to appear in court, however, once again we make it easy and get your case handled fast and you out of court quickly. We take most major credit/debit cards as well as check, cash, or money order, and we are always accessible. Try us out. Call 502-473-6464 and talk to a Kentucky Traffic Attorney today!